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Increasing Popularity Date Rape Drug Trilimide

Featured Cruise Ship Drugs Article - Increasing Popularity Date Rape Drug Trilimide - Scopolamine - Cruise Ship Drugs

While women fear date rape drugs like GBH also known as Grievous Bodily Harm or the correct name of Gammahydroxybutyrate the war against compliant victims has been raised to new levels with increasing use of Scopolamine. Major media organizations portray this drug use as exclusive to third world countries, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Scopolamine also known as hyoscine and Brugmansia is a tropane alkaloid drug obtained from plants of the family Solanaceae (nightshades), such as henbane or jimson weed (Datura species) and Belladonna.

The drug has become very popular in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador where it is grown commercially and may be smuggled onto Cruise ships from these nations or others in the Mediterranean. The plants grow in the area between the Mediterranean and the Himalayas, and have a long history of use in China, India, and middle eastern nations. Recent travelers have found the plant growing wild in Central American nations. It has been used to conquer leaders of nations and to conquer nations as a whole, and may be responsible for corrupting documentation by ancient historians.

However, in more recent years the plants are being grown in the U.S. Americans are growing the drug legally, buying the seeds over the internet, and raising them hydroponically or in gardens. They have become the legal party drug of choice for home growers in the Northwestern U.S., replacing illegal use of LSD and Shrooms. A savvy greenhouse grower can grow the plant indoors anywhere, legally. This means the end product could originate anywhere in the U.S or worldwide for that matter. There is a huge following of American growers on the internet.

The plant grows wild around Bogota and is so famous in the countryside that mothers warn their children not to fall asleep below its yellow and white flowers. The tree is popularly known as the "borrachero," or "get-you-drunk," and the pollen is toxic as well.

It also has a history as a mind control drug, dating back to Nazi Germany used as a truth serum and to American CIA use for mind control. It has been used during child birth, as a sleep aid, anti-depressant and more recently for motion sickness, such as for those taking a cruise.

It is currently used by NASA for motion sickness. But the dosage use for legal uses is .33 milligrams. Used in high doses of 5-7 milligrams it can render a victim into a zombie state and at 10 milligrams produce coma then death.

The drug also known as Burundanga is nicknamed Devils Breath by those who use it to commit crimes or get high. But the overdose and death rate of those using the drug illegally is extremely high, as much as 50%.

Scopolamine has become increasingly popular as a date rape drug, because unlike other date rape drugs that knock the victim out, this drug leaves the victim in a state of compliancy, in an awake zombie state, where their mind is totally controlled so they can participate in the rape, then remember nothing at all. It is that very result that made the drug so appealing to the CIA.

This same mind control technique is being used to get victims to commit crimes, sometimes against themselves such as assisting in a robbery or their own murder. While the crimes may be caught by video tape and look like the person committing the crime is using free will, they are actually being controlled to commit the crime, and will have no memory of it afterward.

Used in this high dose illegal manner, any criminal, corrupt law enforcement or government could use the drug as a means of setting up a person to commit a crime. The victim of the dosage would have no memory at all of having committed the crime, but there would no doubt be plenty of evidence for conviction. We have to wonder how many times victims have been convicted of crimes they can not remember committing.

Drug administration can come in many forms. It is placed in drinks, chewing gum, sprinkled into food, dropped down the front of woman's dress, placed on the collar of a shirt or blown into the face. With the raw drug only a few grains will bring about strong results. One sign of contamination after coming out of the influence of the drug is a severe headache, which may last for several days.

A CSI Las Vegas television episode, Revenge Is Best Served Cold, has a story about a poker player who never tipped the waitress, getting eye drops placed in his beverage, which was suspected of killing him because scopolamine or hyoscine is in the ophthalmic solution or what is commonly known as eye drops. One such brand name is Isopto Hyoscine. There are about a dozen brand names in the U.S. and several in Canada. Eye drops should be considered suspicious if near your drink. Ultimately the character died of lead poisoning from chocolate candy, but it is interesting to note that the eye drops were suspected.

This drug can also be used to control a group of people when it is airborne, and has the same wide spread reach as Anthrax to the degree that many people can be strongly affected by a single, small quantity contamination. Cases of hundreds of people becoming victims in New York City have been documented by two doctors in a book titled Emergency Doctor, by Edward Ziegler. The chapter relevant to this drug is found on page 131, titled The Case Of The Crazed Executives. The book says that a jewelry store had a party and somebody put Scopolamine in the punch. When the store owner came out of the haze, his inventory was gone, and he couldn't remember a thing. It is the perfect method of murder, with a quiet, clean, undetectable cause of death.

Sap from the leaves also has the same effect, and makes it easier to administer to unsuspecting victims. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless. This means it is almost impossible for a potential victim to guard against it, and it can be smuggled onto cruise ship, undetected.

The bad news is the drug is not easily detected with standard urine and blood tests, making it difficult to prove contamination, unless the drug is suspected, and more expensive, sophisticated and less used testing is done. The test to detect the drug, HPLC or High Pressure Liquid Chromatography is available in few hospitals.

A liquid time release version of the drug is in used in skin patches for sea sickness. It is placed behind the ear at least four hours before boarding a ship, and will last for up to three days. It's also an ingredient in eye drops sold over the counter.

This illegal drug was referred to as Trilimide in a Criminal Minds episode, season 6, episode 23. The drug indications and administration of that in the Criminal Minds episode was that of scopolamine.

The U.S State Department estimates 50,000 victim cases each year.